Sunday, December 04, 2005

seemed to missed my flight!

busy day again what have i been doing lately first 3 day ago i went with my friends on a very interesting walk to no mans land u had to walk in waist deep water for quite a while maybe 45 min (it was high tide) i got eaten by millions on midges so my back looked like i had a crazy diseas but it was real fun big waves hitting u, good laugh.and 2 days ago i woke up anguised as i couldent really make up my mind if i wanted to go to port of spain i couldent find any cheap hostels and i really like where i am so in the end i missed the plane and saw it leaving with a beer in hand!!!!now i have to take a boat on wen and flight to venezuela on fri early rise on wen like 5 in the morning!!! yeasterday i had a interesting day with loads new experiences started of real easy chilling and saying goodbuy to claus then going for a killer bike ride me and mike (dude from jungle photo next to me) went to a super cool waterfall as u can see all is well so far, then on the way home it got very dark so u couldent see much and the roads around here are not the best to be travelled fast in complet dark !!! so of coarse i had to have a big tumble in high speed(u learn or get reminded about something every day dont ride witout helmet ) i was really very lucky ! but now i have been in a tobago ambulance and hospital quite different from europe but in ways much more interesting and funny experience! today i have been licking my wounds i dont move very much but i will soon go and eat my last sharkburger at sunday school . we'll see next time what i will write
tranquille seb

ps: i tried to eat turtle for the first time it was good!


Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

Hey. Kel surprice. Wanted you to find out for youreself. Hopless to have a planned schedule when out there. Seems like you are getting into travel mode. Nice. Good luck and a lot of missed flights.

3:27 AM  
Anonymous laure said...

in a few days u are in Caracas....
so have a good travel. take care of u and for next time don't forget helmet......i would change myself your bandage u know !
yesterday it was snowing a lot it's perferct.
thinking of u. grands bisous
puss och kram. xxxxxxxxxxxx

4:26 AM  

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