Saturday, December 10, 2005

publicity about Tobago

sorry for no photo havent found a wireless cafe in VZ so like before photos will be come later.what can i say if ur ever heading this way skip trinidad(unless u know someone who knows the place)and head directly to tobago and bucco point and no need for expensive hotels when u can stay at ces´s place called millers guest house it´s an unpolished dimond and the people u meet there are really nice guys.and the island is beutifull green and lush but a bit to many mosqitos so buy good repelent and the water is nice and warm whenever u choose to take a swim.and do take a jungeltrip with a dude called fitzroy ask for a hard hike it´s not hard just fun. another good way to see the island is to bike just remember to use a helmet and if u going late bring lights,if u want to rent a bike talk with mike! and now this publicity has to end!!all and all just go there and tranquille will come by it´s self!

tranquille seb


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