Thursday, December 22, 2005

loving it

i have just been here for two days and the weather is not the greatest but it does not matter its to nice here yeasterday i was in the old town going to a lot of churches and they know how to make a nice church here i went up in the towers of one and it was pretty cool real good wiew from there and the colored windows are just a thing of beuty i be here in quito over the weekend but then im going to a town called tena for the amozon now that will be so cool im really excited about that. i did meet a canadien couple who im going to meet up with so its cool i get to practice my french! so hows x-mas coming along for everyone and hows the snow in cham and the weater in swe? we will see when i will find a internet place with wifi untill then im sorry but no photos! my scars from the bike is healing well but im afraid its soon time for me to lose my hair im just waiting for the bald spot to grow out a bit more any way have fun and till next time
tranquille seb


Blogger bine said...

Hallo Sebastian,

i love to read in your diary.
so i can see how do you feel and what things do you do.
i feel me good, in my heart the sun from tobago is always shining.

my friends and i loves my new haircut, thank you for that.
i wish you a wonderful x-mas time.
take care Sabine

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Sal Oppe from Sweden said...


4:35 AM  
Anonymous Nicolas said...

Hej Basti!!
God Jul
Gott Nytt År
Hoppas du har det bra
Fina bilder
Fina texter
But where are pictures of naked ladies?

7:36 AM  

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