Monday, December 12, 2005

good food

hi folks what can i say i like caracas in the day time it´s cool to walk around and look at people and the food is good but nighttime is less so,so i have changed my ticket to quito till sun 18th so thats in a week untill then i will eat good food and enjoy caracas daytime and chill out nighttime. its pretty crazy thoug yeasterday i saw a guy trying to shoot someone across the street wild !! but the real crazy stuff was that no one really reacted except the cops and they reacted real fast the dude got surrounded in like 10 sec or less by cops with bigger guns crazy!! so thats why i chill out in the night time still havent found a netcafe with wireless so photos are on hold.

tranquille seb


Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

Buy a gun. Always helps.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

And sometimes the revenge comes swift and effective. Went to the christmas party a little bit bruised up after a big night on the town the night before. Met the lady friend the boyfriend and went home with one of her close friends. Grab em by the horns you know. Ciao for now.

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Little G.. said...

Hey there- what a wild wild world... cant wait to see your photo's, how close are you to Cuba, try and go if so- all old school 1950's cars, life and the fooood! probably lots a beans 'n'rice though.. Ha.. have fun be safe* n hi to Copenhagen post- thats got to be David??- go Rod Stewart!.... b. k. *

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Alex, Chamonix said...

Hi Seb, really good to catch up on all your news. Glad you are having such a good time. I had a message yesterday from Sylvia in Ecuador - she was trying to get hold of you as she couldn't book the hotel you wanted? I gave her the blog address but do you have an email address too? Hope the trip just gets better and better. Love from snowy Cham, Alex

4:19 AM  

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