Saturday, December 10, 2005

Caracas VZ

caracas its a dirty town i have only been here for one day i been walking a lot and must say one sec i´m smiling and the next feeling a bit lonely but it´s nice to see so many people and feel the buzz, problem tough is i can´t understand anything so i have interesting 2 months ahead of me and of course i lost my little book of phrases so we´r in it deep.i´m trying to get to equador early but it seems it can be hard as there is no flights so i have to wait till monday before i can have a look again so untill then i will keep on walking and looking at prety girls that i can´t talk to ha!ha!the hotel is simple and not to expensive 19 us dollars it was hard to get a hotel,i stayed at the airport for one hour of phoning before i got a room so we´ll see how long i have to stay if i cant change the flight i´m running for the mountains i think, we will know soon i guess untill next time stay relaxed and peace out!oh and i almost forgot i paid my first police bribe today about 20000 pesos so that was kinda funny they(the police)were very polite about it but also very secretive so a new experience!!!
tranquille seb


Anonymous laure said...

good luck in caracas.
and I think it must be difficult if u can't speak with people, above all girls..., but u know this language is international so, ah ah ah....
have a good funn in this new country. take care.
à bientôt. GROS BISOUS.

3:37 AM  

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