Saturday, November 19, 2005

tobago sun and rain

hi friends tobago is quite nice im staying in a small guesthouse in this fishing village that means almost no tourists so its quite interesting being a minority . anyway when i walk in the first night i walked in to a bbq so i was given nice tuna and salads couldent really complain after a long flight and airplane food the only problem was that i could hardly stay awake so i was very rude and ate food and went to bed without to much conversation and woke up to a very sunny day wich i spent on the beach and what a beach it was no people nice waves and good temp in the water . since i was so lame the day before i couldent really say no when all the people from the bbq said we should go to an openair bar called the shade very nice and very nice beer and rum so i woke up with a bad head today and its been raining a lot but its cool because its still like 24 c and i guess your not having that in cold europe anyway im getting hungry now so i write u later and photos will have to wait because there is no mailcafes this is writen from a resturant and i dont wanna push my luck , so i can use it again but tomorrow im heading in to town so well see later maybe! untill then tranquille


Anonymous laure said...

hej, it's good to have some news. i'm very happy for u. u are lucky because here the weather is nice but it's really cold and no snow.....i miss u.grands bisous.take care xxxxx
din fransyska

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Nico said...

That sounds grrrrreat. You lucky bastard!

5:20 AM  
Blogger jonaswilliam said...

som jag skrev till din mail... stockholm är kallt som fan o det är över en vecka kvar till december

7:44 AM  
Blogger jonaswilliam said...

jinglebells, n so on.... do you want me 2 send you something for christmus!!

7:49 AM  

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