Monday, November 21, 2005!

hi friends u cant belive how hot it is im sweating day and nite it's almost a bit to much waking upp drenched but hopefully i will adjust in a couple of days ! last nite it was a big party where i stay in the harbor with lots of lokal foods and strong rumpunch ! to strong for me so i'll stay with beer, its interesting that here drinking beer is very easy . im sorry that im still lacking a good place where i can upload my photos but soon i hope it will show up, untill then know that its sunny and fine beaches ! i was for a long bike ride today about 25 km in 30 degres xtremly sweaty drinking water like a madman but we got to this nice fort with a pretty nice view u will see later a guess. no now u people have a nice time in the cold because me i'm going to the beach for a swim and play some in the waves!!!
remember to tranquille


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