Tuesday, November 14, 2006

mumbai & and my last day (OTUR)

alright now this is the last day of india for me and i think i'm ready to come to europe but i'm a bit afraid that i will get a bit of a cold shock or so i hear but it will be good!!!so what have i done the last stretch of my trip me and stu where on our way to pushkar but didn't quite make it but got stuck in jaipur for a few days, bowels and such but the day before i left stu to head towards mumbai we went with this dude and had a look where they cut semipreciuos stones and that was quite interesting to see how they start with the raw stone and then moving on to the final stone nice! then i left stu and jumped on a train to mumbai where i meet a pretty chilled swed so i got to get into swedish again! once there wich took a while i might add, i haven't been on a train that has been less than 2 hours late one thing i'm looking foward to is things that work!!anyway once there we went on to split a room cause the prices in mumbai is quite steep compared to the rest of india! and then just cruise in town looking at people and the town is actually very nice a bit of a shock since all the other big towns i've seen have been quite scruffy and smelly but not the area where i have been here but then again mumbai is supposed to have asia's biggest slum and i did see a sign that offered slum tours quite bizzare but i gave it a miss anyway it's about time to go and pack my backpack for the last time on this trip and it's not a sad thing since i'm quite tired living from a back pack next time if there will be one it will be a lot lighter!! will try to sum up my trip once i'm back in sweden so one more entry in a week or so and the last photos, so untill then u know what to do!!!!

tranquille seb!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


hi there i'm now in varanasi and have been spendingt a few days checking it out and for a big town it's very nice and have a chilled atmosphere about it but there is a lot of crazy things going on here! went for a walk by the river and saw what they do once you are dead wich is either burn the body by the ganga river or wrap it in cloth and tie it to a stone then u rent a boat and paddle out about 20 m and ditch it in the river but i think the main thing is to burn it and the fires are burning from morning till night and there is a lot of fires going on and it takes about 3 hours to burn a body and 350 kg of wood and once the fire is out u just sweep it into the river and for being a holy river it's not very well taken care of it is damn filth and all sorts of stuff floating around and people are swiming and fishing in it but i wouldn't stick my toe in it yuck! did go for a funky boatride on the evening of the full moon and they had some festival here and the amount of people along the river edge was quite unbeliveble and i was very happy to be on a boat and seeing all the candels that they lit along the river side + a lot of candels on small leaf boats in the river very pretty and a lot of fireworks for a few hours so all good! but today we are heading out of here an onwards to someplace else not sure of the name but i know when i get there! getting a bit worried about the end of my trip (6 days WHAT!!) and the upcoming reality check but it will be very nice to get rid of the backpack and come up with a new plan but i'll try not to think to much about it i still have my 6 days so chill out and keep it real!!!

tranquille seb

Friday, November 03, 2006


Allright I’m back and have been having a wicked time up in the mountains in Kashmir was just supposed to stay for a few days but it was so nice that we ended up staying for 2 weeks and I must say that Kashmir is one of the nicest places I’ve been but that could be because the family we stayed with did take so good care of us and sorted us out with two real good characters to take us up in the mountains. So the first two days we stayed in the house boat and just took it easy and then up to the hills and the first place we went to was quite high up in a small gypsy town and I have think that they are some of the friendliest people I have meet! And up there it was a lot of fishing and walking I did try horse riding one time up there but the trails was on the thin side and I was not entirely comfortable so I did quite a bit of walking that time ! the second place we went to was a bit more people around but the nature was very nice indeed and here I did try a bit more riding the path was a bit wider here in most places so I stayed on the horse for almost 24 km so I did have a very sore backside that evening not to mention the day after ! but the fishing was not the best here so we decided to go back to the first place for another 2 days fishing and we did have a good time again! The food we have been served has been the best I have been eating in India but unfortunately all good things must come to an end so the next can start an although I loved Kashmir it’s good to be on the move again. Basically we got in to delhi this afternoon and heading out 5:30 tomorrow morning to agra to see taj mahal for one day and then to verenassi and then back to rishikesh I think but time is running out fast now only 12 more days until reality check and I kinda looking forward to it and at the same time not at all but we’ll see what happens then anyway getting hungry so until next time keep it real friends!!!

Tranquille seb

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


okey got in to kashmir the other day and staying in this lovley houseboat on some lake close to the mountains and it's very nice but i got a bit of a shock cause it's very cold here in the night time but i do like it! the family we are staying with is very nice and the mother cooks good food so no stress there! and as of tomorrow we are leaving for a 4 days horse trek with fishing in the mountains so that will be very interesting since my last experience on horse back was interesting to say the least and that was on flat ground so up high on small trails will be a new experience any way not much else to tell since last entry so more once i get back from the trek so untill then stay happy!!!!

tranquille seb

Saturday, October 14, 2006


allright have been spending a week up in rishikesh with stu and we have been having a great new time with a lot of stuff happening and it's been real nice getting out of delhi and coming up here in the mountains with fresh air and not to much people! we rented a bike for the week and have been cruisin around the mountains and going for long daytrips(poor stu get's to do a lot of drivin and dodgin crazy indians in big old trucks) and and swiming in the ganges and waterfalls although they where quite cold but refreshing. was supposed to try to get in to yoga after a few weeks of not doing to much but i kinda got distracted by all new things to see and do here!but it has been a great week and tonite we're heading of back to delhi for a day and then on the tuesday we are going up to kashmir for a week of hike'in and fishing so that should also be very nice! as u have noticed there are no photos and the reason for that is crappy connections but as soon as i found a good one it will upload them!right we have to get going now cause we found this super chai shop up in the mountains so we are going there now for the last cup of chai before we give the bike back so keep it real and see ya'll very soon wich is quite scary maybe i will stay here!!!

tranquille seb

Sunday, October 08, 2006


hi there! i have now been in delhi for a few days and it's been good!i left goa for a nice 30 hour train ride wich wasen't to bad since in my coach there was a whole collage class of girls so like i said it wasen't to bad but they did make a lot of noise!got in to delhi around 23 and went to some hotel and had a nice shower after the train, they are not the cleanest! first day in delhi was a lot of inpressions and smells and people & cows everywhere, but i took it pretty easy since stu was coming to delhi that night so no shightsing! went to the airport and picked up stu and after that things are happening in a very fast phase after the first day with stu we had been to some fort,cruisin in backalleys and all sorts of misschief!!ran in to some guys who where doing trips up to kashmir for fishing and hiking in the mountains so that will be in a week's time! and tonite it's of to somewhere i don't know the name of but i'm sure it will be fun and i hope it will be cooler than here cause here it can get very hot but no complaints anyway time to go !!!

tranquille seb!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

panaji & palolem

hello again i guess it was a while since i wrote last but it's been because i have been having a great time on the beach! but first things first panaji was a real nive town with a good vibe but it was a big suprise to hear that the portoguese was in control untill 1961 or was it 51 does not matter they left a lot of good things thats mixed up in the culture here!!then i took a buss out to the beach and a nice beach it is except for all the bungalows that used to be around but the cops came and told them their licens was over and reckt all the bungalows so it feels kinda like living on a building site but i don't mind cause the beach is nice with good waves but no surfboards unfortunatly but body bording works a treat so lots of fun in the water everyday there is some realy nice nature around but i have been to busy playing in the water staying at some dudes house with his family wich is fun having breakfast with him every day and lunch with the family every second day! but now it's coming to and end for goa and i will leave tomorrow to go to delhi and meet up with stu for some misschief in the big town but more of that next time so keep it real and see ya soon!!!

tranquille seb!!